How long will my carving last?
At All About Ice we create our sculptures to have a "showlife" of 6 to 8 hours. This means at room temperature, it will take approximately that long for the detail to melt away. It would take almost 2 days for the carving to completely melt down and disappear.

Where should my ice sculptures be placed?
It is mostly a matter of personal preference but it is recommended that you consult with the facility where your function is being held. A few popular locations are in the foyer, on a sweet table, in the center of the room, etc. The ice sculpture should be displayed on a standard, skirted banquet table It will need to take around 8-9 stone (approx. 125kg) in weight.

**IMPORTANT** Please do not attempt to have the ice sculpture moved during the party, so plan ahead and place it somewhere that it can be enjoyed all evening.

What are the most popular sizes and how much do they weigh?
Ice sculptures come in a variety of sizes; however the most popular is the FULL BLOCK. A full block measures 3½ft high x 1½ft width and weigh approximately 145kg. However, sizes can vary based on the carving design. Larger sizes are also available and are very popular for that extra special touch.

What is included in the complete package of an ice sculpture?
You will receive a drain tray with a hose, a poly block to stop the sculpture moving on it’s base a bucket for the water to drain into. We also provide a timed delivery and set up and deliver mostly anywhere within the United Kingdom/Europe however some delivery time/holiday restrictions may apply. See delivery charges section.

What are individual centerpieces?
Table centre pieces are a wonderful alternative for your tables. Every guest can feel like they have their very own ice sculpture! You can choose from several popular designs, or create a style all your own. Each centre piece is double sided and is placed on a self-contained, lighted tray for water retention. For tradition, we also offer a variety of style of ice vases suitable for your favourite fresh flower arrangement or a bottle of wine or champagne.

How far in advance do I need to order and pay for my ice sculpture?
You may place your order for your sculpture at any time that is convenient for you; however, popular dates fill up quickly, so it is important to think ahead. We accept major credit cards and cheque.

How do I choose my ice carving design?
Although not necessary, we recommend that you visit our website and look under bespoke items for some truly awe inspiring ideas where you can see actual sculptures that have been created and displayed. Our knowledgeable staff will help you to choose the perfect sculpture for your event. If you have a custom design, we will be glad to help you over the phone, fax and e-mail.

What about prices?
Please remember that there will be added charges for personalized or custom designed pieces or for larger designs. There also may be added costs if your event is beyond our "normal" delivery area, if it is held before 9:00am. Or after 6:30pm or on certain holidays.

Table centre piece pricing is based on the design and the quantity, but an average cost would be around £35-45 each, based on a minimum of 10. We will be glad to do less than 10 for an additional charge.

Please call 0845 6046547 or us to discuss your requirements