NEVER leave dry ice unattended around children!

Handling instructions:

  • The temperature of dry ice is extremely cold at -109°F or -78°C.
  • Do not allow dry ice to touch bare skin. Dry ice in contact with skin may result in frostbite.
  • Prolonged exposure will cause severe frostbite.
  • Always wear protective gloves whenever handling dry ice.
  • Adults must never leave dry ice in the possession of children.
  • Children must not handle dry ice.

Storage instructions:

  • Dry Ice will sublimate into carbon dioxide (CO2) gas.
  • Store dry ice in an insulated container - the better the insulation, the slower the dry ice sublimation.
  • Do not store dry ice in a refrigerator or a freezer (unless the dry ice is being used to maintain the proper holding temperature).
  • Do not store dry ice in an airtight container; never store in a glass container. The sublimation of dry ice into carbon dioxide gas will cause an airtight container to expand, rupture or burst.
  • Always store dry ice in a well ventilated area. Avoid storing dry ice in unventilated rooms, cellars, autos or boat holds. The sublimated carbon dioxide gas will sink to low areas and replace oxygenated air. Carbon dioxide gas at elevated concentrations may be fatal when breathed.
  • Some surfaces left in direct contact with dry ice may be damaged by the extreme cold. Adhesives may become brittle and break.

Ventilation requirements:

  • Air is composed of 78% nitrogen, 21% oxygen and only 0.035% carbon dioxide (CO2). If the concentration of CO2 in the air rises above 0.5%, it can become dangerous. Lower concentrations - i.e. below 0.5% - can cause accelerated, laboured breathing and headache.
  • If dry ice has been in a closed auto, van, room or walk-in refrigerator for more than 10 minutes, open doors and allow adequate ventilation before entering. Leave the area immediately if breathing becomes difficult, or if dizziness, headache or light-headed feeling is noticed.
  • Carbon dioxide (CO2) is heavier than air and will accumulate in low spaces.
  • Do not enter closed dry ice storage areas without first fully ventilating the space.

Pick-up and transportation instructions:

  • Plan to pick up/order the dry ice as close as possible to the time it is needed.
  • Bring a well-insulated container such as a camping cooler or an ice chest.
  • If it is transported inside a car or van, make sure there is a constant supply of fresh air.

Download dry ice handling guides below:

Handling guide 1
Handling guide 2

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