We can create any design for your wedding to fit around your day and your theme, if your looking for a carving with either initial's or wording this can be arranged.

We can create items such as the traditional swans to form a heart to stunning bespoke table centres, we can freeze flowers and photos and even create a 30ft ice bar and back bar with names etched or cut.

We also can create religious and meaningful cut sculptures, We have such an extensive list, if there is something you are looking for or wish to discuss then call the team, we will be more than happy to arrange your perfect carving for the perfect day.

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Wedding celebration at home
Our customer sent in a sketch of a design he would like to present to his wife. This two block sculpture (opposite) not only stood at 1 metre by 1 metre, but we also created a channel to pour champagne through the heart into the bowl.
Wedding reception guest signing in
We created this item for our clients who were looking to have red ice as flames and computer etching to be displayed as a welcome guests sculpture to their event. We also placed red ice love love hearts in the room.

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